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The companies that make the products we buy or provide the services we need are in business to make money. Therefore, they work hard to earn your patronage. The drive for profit can lead some companies to be less than honest when dealing with consumers. They may lie, fail to provide what they promised, or break the law with aggressive and unsolicited sales pitches. In such cases, consumers can lose money and suffer other, sometimes devastating, losses.


When businesses take advantage of consumers, consumers may feel like they have nowhere to turn.  They may feel helpless to take action against being scammed or mistreated by a large corporation with millions in profits and an army of lawyers to protect them from being held accountable.


The  lawyers at Arons & Arons, LLC  stand up to greedy corporations and fight tirelessly to protect the rights of consumers who have been victimized by their misconduct. Through consumer class actions and individual claims, we seek relief and damages under state and federal law in a wide range of matters against companies in almost every type of industry.


Consumer Class Actions


The law recognizes that consumers lack the same resources and bargaining power as large corporations and that a fight between one person and a global organization is inherently unfair. Class action lawsuits are a way to level the playing field. These suits allow multiple consumers who have been victimized by the same company or wrongful conduct to come together and pursue their claims in a single lawsuit. A class can consist of scores or thousands of people, all represented by the same attorneys who litigate on behalf of everyone who has suffered because of the defendant’s actions.


A class action is a unique and complex type of lawsuit that requires an attorney with deep understanding of the law and procedures that apply to such cases. Given the large, experienced legal teams funded by the defense, class action plaintiffs need a lawyer who has the commitment and tenacity to go toe-to-toe with these large corporations.  At Arons & Arons, we know the law and we are not intimidated by the size or tactics of large corporations who attempt to take advantage of consumers.


TCPA and Other Consumer Claims


Our attorneys’ efforts to protect consumers include investigating and pursuing claims involving:


  • Telemarketers, junk mail, and spam. The federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) was passed to protect consumers from harassment by overly aggressive and invasive telemarketing calls, junk mail, spam, and unsolicited texts. This law restricts advertisers from using automatic calling systems, robocalls, and fax messages to solicit their business, and from sending unapproved text messages to cell phones. Consumers can collect as much as $500 to $1,500 for each violation of the TCPA. If you want this conduct to stop and you want to hold telemarketers accountable for their violations of the law, our firm can help.


  • Consumer fraud.  Most sales pitches and advertising include “puffery” – claims that a product or service is wonderful, the best, or better than the competition. But when such claims go beyond boasts to lies, misrepresentation, or deception, such conduct can constitute fraud.  New Jersey and federal laws protect consumers from fraudulent claims or scams, and a successful consumer fraud lawsuit can result in significant recoveries for victimized consumers. Our attorneys are passionate about protecting consumers from illegal and unethical conduct.

  • Lending, credit, and debt collection. Those who offer credit or lend money have strict legal obligations about what they are required to disclose about their services, and when those obligations are not followed, borrowers can get taken for an expensive and catastrophic ride. Similarly, debt collectors can go too far in their efforts, threatening or harassing debtors or calling repeatedly at off-hours. At Arons & Arons, we pursue claims for compensation and other relief under all applicable consumer protection laws, including the Truth-in-Lending Act, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and other state and federal laws.


Arons & Arons, LLC Aggressively Protects the Rights of New Jersey Consumers


At Arons & Arons, LLC, we have built a law practice relentlessly focused on solving problems for individuals and small businesses, including protecting victims of unscrupulous corporations. For over 30 years, our South Orange lawyers have earned the trust of clients who have in turn honored us with their referrals, knowing that we provide personal, accessible, and effective legal representation at a reasonable cost.


If you believe you are a victim of wrongful conduct by a seller of goods or services, please call us at (973) 762-0795 for a free initial consultation. We look forward to assisting you.


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