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Securities Litigation

Frequently asked questions

What types of activities are considered misconduct that may make up a securities fraud claim against a public company? 


  • The false and deceptive reporting of the company’s financial

  • misleading statements concerning a company's prospects

  • Insider Trading 

  • Accounting Fraud

How do I know if I have a claim?


If you have suffered a loss on your investment that might be due to securities fraud or corporate misconduct we might be able to help determine whether you have a potential claim.  Contact us to speak with a lawyer who can evaluate your case.    We will quickly evaluate your potential claim and provide you with information that will better assist you in determining whether litigation to recover your loss is possible.   All consultations are free. 


What is a class action lawsuit? 

A Securities Class Action is a type of lawsuit in which one individual, or a group,  generally referred to as the “Lead Plaintiff”, files a suit and represents everyone who suffered a similar loss as a result of the defendants' fraudulent conduct.   The Lead Plaintiff is responsible for prosecuting claims on behalf of the class.

Can I participate in the recovery?

You may be eligible if you are a member of the class. For example if you purchased the securities during the class period and the purchase resulted in a loss.  


What if I didn’t sell my stock during this period?

You may still participate if you suffered damages as a result of the defendants' misconduct. 


What is the class period?

The class period is the time frame during which the fraud occurred.  The class period generally ends when there is a disclosure of accurate information about the company that corrects  the fraudulent omission or misrepresentation   If you acquired securities during the class period you may be eligible to participate in any recovery if the law suit is successful. 


What does it mean to be the “Lead Plaintiff”? 

In order to have a representative of the plaintiff class overseeing the litigation, the court will appoint a single plaintiff or a small group of plaintiffs as the Lead Plaintiff. This usually based upon which Plaintiff suffered the largest financial loss.  The Lead Plaintiff is responsible for managing the litigation primarily by overseeing and monitoring the progress of the action directing counsel.  Arons & Arons, LLC works with lead plaintiffs to ensure that their role is effectively performed. 

How do I become the Lead Plaintiff in a Securities Class Action?

When a class action is filed, the filing plaintiff must publish notice of the filing publicly advising investors of the pendency of the class action and to inform any investor that any class member may apply to the court to serve as the Lead Plaintiff. Applications must be made within 60 days of the notice to serve as the Lead Plaintiff. 


How much will it cost to be the Lead Plaintiff?

There are no costs. Our firm will not ask you for any money to cover the costs associated with your case regardless of the outcome. 


How long does a class action take before it is resolved? 

Typically a class action can take anywhere between 1 to 3 years to litigate. However, this time may vary depending on the facts of each specific case.   


So where do I start?

The first step is to contact us.  Call us at  877 512-7662, or email us at   You will be quickly direct to an attorney who will discuss your claim with you, gather the information needed to evaluate the claim, and then advise you as soon as possible whether you might have a potential case.  


What information should I provide you with? 

We will need to see a list of your purchase and sales transactions concerning the stock at issue.  See our (information sheet) form that will help you gather the information needed for us to quickly evaluate your case.    

Why should I choose Arons & Arons, LLC.? 

We have the resources in place to carefully evaluate and move forward with your matter. You will be promptly connected to one of our attorneys who will help answer all your questions and guide you accordingly


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