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Landlord Tenant Law 

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When a landlord/tenant issue arises, the ability  to properly resolve the matter quickly and correctly is important.  Our lawyers are experienced to handle any matter that may arise and our staff is equipped to file notices or complaints as soon as possible in order to expeditiously resolve your case. We take pride in our ability to expeditiously and and effectively advocate the interests of our clients in these matters.  We treat all parties with the respect they deserve while moving towards a favorable resolution for our client.  

Scott Arons, Esq. has decades of experience representing residential and commercial landlords of all sizes in landlord-tenant proceedings throughout New Jersey. He began representing property owners of multi-unit properties in 1981 and has since expanded his landlord/tenant practice to provide representation for numerous property owners throughout New Jersey. Scott's hard work and dedication in this field has made Arons & Arons, LLC. one of the most trusted firms in this area.  Each year our attorneys appear in hundreds of landlord/tenant court proceedings and have handled almost every issue that may arise. Contact us now and see why so many choose Arons & Arons, LLC for their landlord/tenant representation. 

We have the experience and knowledge to provide high quality, affordable service for properties of any size


  •  Non-Payment of Rent  If your tenant is past due on rent our staff is equipped to assess the issue and prepare the filings to get the issue resolved. Many times the filing of the complaint will lead to a resolution of the matter, but if not, you will have an experienced attorney with you at trial to represent your interests.


  • Tenant’s Breach of the Lease / Rules Regulations  Occupancy limits, illegal use of unit, smoking provisions, common area access, unauthorized occupants provisions, utility payments, are just a few examples. These violations not only cost you money but they also can effect the lives of other tenants. We know how to resolve these issues as we know the law concerning the strict notice requirements to effectively resolve the issue or get you back possession of the premises if the problems persist.  We will be with you every step of the way.

  • Lease Creation and Review  A good lease is important. A properly drafted lease can prevent unnecessary litigation and save you money.  Our understanding of the law along with our first-hand experience litigating lease disputes allow us to draft effective leases. All too often, landlords use “boiler plate” leases that can end up causing problems and costing money.  A properly drafted lease may enable to you to recover fees and costs if you are forced to litigate an issue.  Arons & Arons, LLC. can help you draft or review a proposed lease.  So contact us before you sign.


  • Changes to the lease and rent increase Is your tenant paying less than the market value for his/her unit.   Do you want a “month to month” tenant to sign a new lease? Do you require more money to paid towards the security deposit? Or do you wish to change terms to an existing lease?  This process is not simple and is must be done in accordance with various State and local laws.   Proper notices must be served and the changes must be deemed reasonable and comply with Federal, State and local municipal rent control ordinances.   Arons & Arons, LLC. can help to smoothly enact these changes while ensuring they are compliant with the law.


  • Notices to Quit / Notices to Cease Most landlords already know the importance of sending tenants proper notices if an issue arises.  If your notices are not proper or timely served, you will most likely lose and have to start the process over again.  The laws concerning landlord/tenant notice requirements are strictly adhered to by the Court.  Arons & Arons, LLC. has years of experience litigating notice issues and drafting notices for our clients. Let us help you with this important procedural step that so many landlords properly do on their own.


  • Security Deposits  There are certain legal obligations placed upon the landlord when collecting a security deposit.  New Jersey’s Security Deposit Act provides specific rules as to the collection, and disbursement of a tenant’s security. If these rules are not complied with you may be subject to significant damages if a dispute arises.  Arons & Arons, LLC. provides services to help both landlords and tenants handle issues that arise with the payment or return of the security deposit.   Don’t just guess if you are doing it right, give us a call and we’ll be happy to speak with you.  



Ejectment Proceedings

Section 8 / HUD

Warrants for Removal

Orders to Show Cause

Municipal Ordinance Compliance

Subtenant / Sublease Issues

Assignments of Lease

Assignment of Rent

Sale of Occupied Property

Condominium Association Rules and Regulations

Collections of unpaid rent

Abandoned Property

Landlord Registration Procedures

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