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If you have to appear in municipal court for any reason contact us now to schedule your free consultation with our experienced attorneys 


WE HAVE THE EXPERIENCE. We know the law. We know your rights. We know how to take a case to trial. We know how to negotiate a favorable deal. But most importantly, we know that for most people court can be stressful or even scary.  That is why we make sure we are there with you every step of the way.   You will feel at ease with our attorneys and proceed without any doubt that you are in good hands.  Don’t take the risk handling it alone.

CALL US BEFORE YOU PAY YOUR TICKET  Many traffic tickets allow you to pay it over the phone or online. PLEASE CALL US BEFORE YOU PAY.  When you pay online or on the phone you are entering a guilty plea that may have potential consequences such as the assessment of motor vehicle points, surcharges, increased insurance rates,  or even the suspension of your license.   By pleading not guilty and going to Court with an attorney, you will most likely be able to downgrade the violation or work out a deal without the surprising unwanted consequences. 


ATTORNEY FEES YOU CAN AFFORD Our firm generally charges a very reasonable flat fee for our services.   We make it clear from day one how much the total fee will be and we do not surprise our clients with unexpected bills.   We are happy to work out payment plans if necessary.  


WE DON’T SEND PEOPLE SOLICITATIONS BY MAIL  Are you sick of getting unwanted mailers from lawyers about your ticket. Rather than sending out unwanted solicitations, our staff devotes our time and resources to our clients cases.  Call us and you’ll see why so many of our clients refer us to their friends and family. 

DWI/DUI violations

All Traffic Offenses

License, Registration, or Inspection issues

Drug Offenses

Theft/ Shoplifting

Disorderly Conduct


Domestic Violence

Municipal Ordinances

Housing Violations



If you are facing criminal charges it is important you speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible.   Contact us now and let us explain how we can help

When you or a family member are facing criminal charges the consequences can be devastating.   Even a minor criminal charge can result in  jail time, loss of employment, financial distress, and possible deportation for some people.  Having a good attorney is important.  Our experienced attorneys collaborate with our clients and their families so they fully understand their options at all times.   Once our office is retained, we put in the time and hard work needed to favorably resolve your case.   Our lawyers work with you every step of the way and arrive by your side in Court, fully prepared to fight for you.  Whether we are negotiating a plea deal or preparing for trial, you will be confident that you made the right decision choosing Arons & Arons, LLC. as your counsel.  



We appear in Criminal Courts throughout New Jersey including,  Essex County, Union County, Morris County, Hudson County, Middlesex County , Somerset County, Passaic County, and Sussex County.    If you have to appear on charges, or know someone who is, don't hesitate to contact us. All consultations are free and confidential.  


Drugs / CDS charges

Weapons Charges 

Assault Charges

Domestic Violence

Theft Offenses

Sex Crimes

White Collar Offenses


Violations of Parole/ Probation


We provide criminal defense services including

Bail Reduction Hearings, Discovery Review, Motion Practice, Plea Negotiation, Immigration Status Review, PTI Applications, Drug Court, Motion Practice, Sentencing Preparation, Trial, Post-Conviction Proceedings, Probation/Parole Compliance





If your child has been charged with a criminal offense we can help.  We work with families to ensure your child receives quality legal counsel while taking advantage of the services offered in the Juvenile Justice System to help rehabilitate and prevent recurrence

In New Jersey, if your child or teenager is charged with a criminal offense, the case will be heard in the Juvenile Division of your County's Family Court. More serious matters may be sent or "waived" up to the adult court.  Juveniles are afforded the same Constitutional rights as adults. Charged children or teens are innocent until proven guilty, have the right to remain silent, and a right to a trial where the State must prove their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.  However, the primary focus of the Juvenile Justice System is to rehabilitate and provide services to your child that will help him or her remain offense free, abie by the rules of the household, and stay on the right path so he or she can strive in adulthood.


 Jeffrey Arons, Esq. started his career working with the Essex County Public Defender's Office, Juvenile Division, as a "pool attorney" and continues to work on juvenile cases frequently appearing on all types of cases including, Drug Charges, Theft, Assault, Robbery, and Weapons charges.  Mr. Arons takes pride working with families to not just aggressively defend but also to work with the Court and all parties to ensure that the child or teen does not return to the Court by getting the help needed and understanding consequences of future involvements. 












 Unlike criminal court, which is designed to punish and protect the public from offenders, if a juvenile is found guilty or pleads guilty, In juvenile matters, all proceedings are closed door and private and take place before a Family Court Judge.  If a case goes to trial, the Judge, not a jury hears the case and decides the verdict.  Juvenile Courts have a great deal of discretion in the type of sentence following an adjudication of delinquency such as the completion of certain youth programs chosen based upon your child's needs and history.  



You can depend on us to aggressively defend your child against all charges.  Juveniles, just like adults, have constitutional rights.  They have a right to remain silent, and have a right to a trial on all charges where the State must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. We carefully review all the evidence, and will bring a baseless case to the attention of the prosecutor very early on. Many times, this results in a quick resolution, with the case being dismissed or removed from the Court.  If not, we are prepared to take the case to trial.  Arons & Arons, LLC. has handled juvenile trials that have resulted in not-guilty findings.   


Custody While the Case is Pending?

For first offenders not facing serious charges, your child will most likely not be held in custody during the case. If your child is facing serious charges, or has a history of juvenile adjudications, he or she might be held at you County's Youth House until the matter this resolved.  In these cases, we work hard to secure his/her release by arguing for a reduction of the detention status like a release to home detention, or the use of ankle bracelet while the case is ongoing.

Custody after sentencing?

If your child pleads guilty or is found guilty following trial the Judge determines the sentence after hearing from defense counsel and the prosecutor.  The type of sentence is mostly based upon the child's age, history, and the nature of the crime he pled or has been found guilty of committing. Generally "jail sentences" for juveniles adjudicated of serious offenses is served at the New Jersey Training School.  But usually a juvenile with a limited record is given the opportunity to complete non-custodial sentences such as  referrals to programs or probation with conditions that certain programs are completed.  In many cases, juveniles who plead guilty, are given the opportunity to have the entire charge dismissed if they stay offense free for a  period of time.


If your child is scheduled to appear in Juvenile Court, an attorney is required.  Also, a guardian is required to appear of the child is not yet 18 at the time of the appearance.  Unlike an adult, a juvenile cannot represent his or herself.  If you cannot afford an attorney, you may apply for a Public Defender.  If you do not qualify or wish to hire private counsel contact us right away. We charge reasonable fees and work with families who might need more time to pay. 

I retained Arons and Arons after I was falsely accused of Harassment. Initially, I met with Jeff who was professional and knowledgable of the law pertaining to my situation. He returned my calls in a timely manner and always made me feel like a priority. Scott represented me in court. He arrived on time and was prepared to prove my innocence. His professionalism and experience helped ease my anxiety and resulted in the dismissal of my case. Thanks”

Municipal Court Client

Newark, NJ

Smart, efficient and thorough. I hired Jeffrey Arons for a domestic violence claim that my ex had against me. He made sure he made time to consult with me and go over every detail. He has a very knowledgeable team in his office and he represented me well in court. He was able to discredit the claims against me and the allegations against me were dismissed.

Criminal Client

New Jersey

Jeff Arons is a class act in Essex County, NJ.

Mr. Arons provided prompt, courteous and knowledgeable services while advising me about a driving violation. The experience could not have been better.

Mr. Arons met my wife and me early at court, and our case went first. He spoke with the prosecutor and successfully had my violation reduced to a minor infraction without points. The entire experience was beyond pleasant, and we were through in under 45 minutes.

His fee was very reasonable, and I'm certain he ended up saving us two or more hours of time. My wife and I are very grateful for Mr Arons' expertise and kind demeanor.

Highly recommend without reservation.

Eric - Criminal Court

Essex County, NJ

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