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You have worked for years, if not decades, to provide for your family and prepare for your future. When you decide to invest your hard-earned money in stocks or securities you know there is always going to be risk, but you trust that the price of the security you purchased accurately represents its value.  But if the company you invested in engaged in fraudulent conduct, money is lost, and  investors can find their nest eggs destroyed and their futures thrown into disarray.  

Arons & Arons, LLC provides representation for people who have been victimized by securities fraud. Our attorneys understand the financial and emotional trauma that securities fraud can cause, and we are relentless in our efforts to hold corporate wrongdoers accountable and obtain compensation for our clients.

Securities Fraud

Several of the most common actions that can form the basis of a securities fraud lawsuit include:

False statements in advertising, solicitation, or filings

Omissions of material information

Accounting fraud

Recognizing false revenues or income

Improper accounting of costs and/or expenses

Hiding debt

Insider trading or self-dealing

Manipulation of stock options

Improper loans to or by insiders

Securities Class Actions


Major corporations often have thousands of shareholders, all of whom have a great deal at stake and rely on the trustworthiness and competency of the people who run those corporations. When investors suffer because of misstatements, concealment, or lies, a securities class action lawsuit provides a way for the investors to come together and pursue compensation on behalf of themselves and other investors who were victimized by the same misconduct.


Our lawyers thoroughly investigate the matter and aggressively seek relief on behalf of classes of deceived investors.  We welcome inquiries from all investors no matter how small or how large their losses may be.


Shareholder Derivative Lawsuits


We also pursue shareholder derivative actions for shareholders on behalf of the company. Derivative suits allow shareholders to bring an action to recover damages suffered by the company as the result of management  malfeasance.


Helping Victims of Securities Fraud


Given all that is at stake, investors have every right to rely on the honesty, integrity, and competence of the companies they invest in. When that trust is betrayed, our experienced legal team can help. At Arons & Arons, we aggressively pursue compensation for those who have suffered losses due to corporate securities fraud. For over 30 years, we have earned the trust of clients. We are focused problem solvers, providing personal, accessible, and effective legal representation.  

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